Easy-to-use data analytics tools designed specifically for the Public Sector

Advanced Software Sxpertise


Forecast5 combines advanced software expertise with domain-specific experience to deliver analytics for the public sector.

Using our suite of simple tools, you can build annual or multi-year budgets, model different scenarios and future impacts, find new revenue sources and more, with a series of clicks.

Never build a spreadsheet again.

Managing by spreadsheet is familiar, but it is labor intensive, limited and, with advances in data science, obsolete.

That’s why an increasing number of school districts, higher education institutions and municipalities are successfully using Forecast5’s data analytics software tools for decision support.

Forecast5 is the only provider in the marketplace that offers proven, easy-to-learn-and-use public sector budgeting and data analytics software designed specifically for the daily and long-term strategic needs of K-12 schools, higher education institutions and municipalities.


We Will Help You Do This


Purchasing our software is just the beginning. We will help implement it and teach you how to use it.

You will be up and running in just days. And we will remain involved, always available, actively helping you get the maximum value out of your investment.