LSL Core Values

We live these values every day. It’s who we are.

How Did We Come Up With Our Values?


As we continue to grow and evolve, we recognized our core values needed to grow and change with us.

Our updated values weren’t decided on by management and handed down to our team.

Every member of the LSL team worked together to share what values matter most to us. From there, we came up with the following five core values that embody how we approach each other, our work and our clients.

Pursue excellence

The desire for increased knowledge, the openness to learn from past mistakes, the willingness to gain new perspective, and the actions you take to be better than yesterday.

Love what you do

Making a difference, helping and uplifting others, sharing our passion, and creating an environment where people feel valued.

Lead with integrity

To lead with integrity means to lead by example…exemplifying a positive and honest mindset, keeping your word, clearly communicating actionable items, and always aiming to do the right thing for the common good.

Accomplish more together

Trust your team, choose to collaborate, share generously, listen actively, seek and value the knowledge of others.

Be forward thinking

Always be open to change and continuous improvement to develop innovative strategies that look towards the future.

DOV Award: Recognizing our values in action

Every month during our firm Town Hall meeting, we present a DOV Award (Demonstrating our Values) to those team members who have been nominated by a teammate for exemplifying one or more of our core values.

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