Maybe you’ve noticed that many of our webinars aren’t about tax and accounting issues. That’s because the issues impacting you and your business cover a wide variety of areas. While we can’t directly solve every issue you face, we know the right people who can. We connect you with the professionals and ideas that address what is relevant to you.

Handling Employee & Business Issues During the COVID-19 Crisis

We know many of you and your businesses have been severely impacted by the coronavirus crisis and are looking for guidance on how to keep your employees safe while keeping your business running. 

We’ve asked Amy Patton and Jeff Brown, Partners in the Labor & Employment group at Payne & Fears law firm, to provide you with answers to your urgent questions related to the Coronavirus and the health of your business and employees. 

Topics we’ll address on this webinar include:

  • FMLA/sick leave
  • Paid Time Off (PTO) use
  • Employee terminations/furlough
  • Worker Adjustment & Retaining Notification (WARN) Act

LSL Tax partner, Mike Agresti, will cover:

  • Extended tax deadlines and what that means for you
  • Payroll tax credits
  • Available SBA loans

We’ll also take questions through our live Q & A chat.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Your Business

Your business is one of the most valuable assets (if not the most) you'll ever own. If you are thinking of selling your business in the next 3 to 5 years, it’s a great idea to understand what’s involved in the process and how to prepare for the event. What are some of the common challenges and red flags that can stall the transaction? How can you maximize your business value?

We’ve asked the Plethora Businesses team to share their stories, advice and best practices on the do’s and don’ts so you can leave your business on your own terms. There is no substitute for preparation if you want to get top dollar.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Assessing key management and owner involvement
  • Type of offers a buyer may make and their tax implications
  • Company’s ability to withstand the rigors of a due diligence process
  • Minimizing seller liability post-closing


What happens to your social media &
online accounts when you die?

Perhaps you've heard the horror story: a loved one is incapacitated or passes away and the family can’t access and control their phone, social media and online accounts because they don’t know the passwords or have permissions to access them. Instead of the family having control, they are at the mercy of Facebook or Apple, and it's a stressful battle to get them back.

How can you make sure you or your loved ones have access to these digital assets in case of an emergency or a death?

We’ve asked our friend Megan Moghtaderi, estate planning attorney at TLD Law, to share what you can do to make sure you (and your loved ones) are in control of these digital assets. She'll cover:

  • What qualifies as a digital asset (think smart phone, airline miles, brokerage accounts)
  • What powers actually control your digital assets
  • What happens to your digital assets upon incapacity
  • What you need to do to make sure those you designate will control them (and no one else) in the event you can't