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What happens to your social media &
online accounts when you die?

Perhaps you've heard the horror story: a loved one is incapacitated or passes away and the family can’t access and control their phone, social media and online accounts because they don’t know the passwords or have permissions to access them. Instead of the family having control, they are at the mercy of Facebook or Apple, and it's a stressful battle to get them back.

How can you make sure you or your loved ones have access to these digital assets in case of an emergency or a death?

We’ve asked our friend Megan Moghtaderi, estate planning attorney at TLD Law, to share what you can do to make sure you (and your loved ones) are in control of these digital assets. She'll cover:

  • What qualifies as a digital asset (think smart phone, airline miles, brokerage accounts)
  • What powers actually control your digital assets
  • What happens to your digital assets upon incapacity
  • What you need to do to make sure those you designate will control them (and no one else) in the event you can't