Tackle Your Lease Accounting Requirements

Manage your business/non-profit lease reporting & gain management insights.

Deadline: January 1, 2022


Accounting for operating leases (ASC 842) deadline is coming for private companies and non-profits. And while you might even be tempted to avoid lease accounting all together and have your CPA include a modification to their report on your financials, that’s not a good idea.

Complete your implementation ASAP so you can resume 'business as usual'.

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Needs


We love helping businesses and non-profits get ready for and meet the ASC 842 standards. Explore the solution that is the best fit for where you’re at now.

Whether you need a little help or a lot, we’ve got you covered!

Lease Coach

You’re confident in your implementation plan, but just need a little help pushing through.

Your Lease Coach gets you…

  • Experts on call in case you have any questions or need help making tricky decisions
  • Technical or practical help on whatever tools you’re using to deal with your leases
  • “Busy” work for you as you needed to help meet crucial deadlines
  • Extra training, plus CPE opportunities!

You need some more structure and help managing a complex implementation.

Your Lease Concierge gets you…

  • Everything you get from a Lease Coach, and more!
  • A detailed consultation and implementation plan to get you started
  • Formal training on the standards and optional software training
  • Guidance on lease data extraction and analysis
  • Data entry and review
  • Ongoing technical and accounting support for your project
  • Optional advanced approvals policy document creation
  • Optional disclosures and reporting creation
  • Optional automation tools to streamline your process

Lease Concierge

Lease Suite

You need on-demand advice and strategies to help achieve your goals and plan for your future.

Your Lease Suite gets you…

  • Everything you get with a Lease Coach + Concierge (see above)
  • We help you pick the best software environment for you, and then set it up
  • Complete your implementation with us
  • Customization of the tools that will integrate with your systems for efficient automation
  • Support for your project’s ‘go-live’ with formal training
  • All-in-one solution to accomplish your implementation goals

Not sure what you need? We'll help you decide.

What You'll Get

Not only will you be compliant but have better insight into your lease expenses and improve overall systems & processes.

Find your data

Don’t miss a single step in your setup and have it done in a timely manner

Save money

Renegotiate contracts and establish better terms

Achieve compliance

New lease requirements are not going away

Be audit ready

Everything your auditors need prepped and ready to go

Set yourself up for success

Get documented systems in place

Our Process To Working With You



Discovery call to see where you are at and learn your goals for organization (last about 1 hour).


LSL team puts together customized proposal detailing our recommended solutions and options.


LSL meets with you to discuss recommendations and options.


Once you accept, we get to work!

Webinar On-Demand



In case you missed it: access the ‘Lease Accounting for Private Companies & Non-Profits: Guide to Implementation’ on-demand webinar recording. LSL Partners, Mike Mangold, CPA and Gail Gray, CPA help you ‘slay the dragon’ of the new lease standard, ASC: 842, requiring private companies and non-profits to track and disclose their leased assets. They’ll provide you an overview of the lease reporting requirements and how to start preparing to meet the deadline, including:

  • Defining qualified leases and determining lease term
  • Understanding your lease portfolio, digging through your data and finding pesky leases
  • Choosing how you want to handle the complex calculations that are required to be reported and monitored
  • Demonstrating how software technology can reduce time and risk to effectively comply

Are you a CPA?


We can assist you with preparing your clients’ ASC 842: Lease Accounting reporting requirements, like finding operating leases “hiding” within business contracts.

ASC 842: Lease Accounting needs your attention ASAP


Finding financial and operating leases hidden within contracts in your company’s files
takes time, but it is crucial.