Advisors to Entertainment Venues Nationwide

When conducting your annual financial audit and assurance of incentive calculations, there are alternatives to the Big Four. LSL CPAs has conducted convention & entertainment venue audits for more than a decade. When you require efficient and timely reports and quality feedback to improve operations and receive incentive payments, LSL CPAs has a dedicated team that understands this area of compliance. Our extensive experience with government clients may also give you insight to present your audit reports and other presentations that exceed the expectations of your city or convention & entertainment venue owners.

This experience helps us to efficiently audit all areas of your operations, managing your expectations and being an attentive advisor to your facilities and staff. We are not limited by geography, and will travel as necessary to support your needs.

Besides delivering audited financial statements and assurance on incentive calculations, LSL CPAs can provide oversight on department processes and procedures to mitigate fraudulent activity or errors in reporting. We have also consulted on the establishment of special tax districts or separate entities to augment convention center revenue. Download a PDF of the compliance and accounting services we provide.

"We were so pleased with their audit work on the convention center, we employed them to handle the tax and accounting work on our Tourism Marketing District, a separate, nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity designed to provide a revenue stream to promote tourism in our region."
- President and CEO, convention center client since 2012

Services Provided


Financial audits
Annual performance audits of incentive calculations


Reviews of concessions, parking or other cash collections to mitigate risks
Presentation of findings to convention center governing boards
Review of policy and procedure manuals for compliance improvements
Internal controls review
Consulting on special tax districts or separate entities that benefit the convention center


Strategic planning
IT strategic planning
KPI reporting

Contact Adam Odom, LSL's audit team lead for Entertainment Venues, to learn more about our approach to entertainment venue audits and operational consulting at 714-672-0022.

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