Quiz: What Level of Outsourced Accounting Do You Need?


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Take our short quiz to give some insight on what LSL Package would be the best fit for you and your organization!

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1.     Do you have a professional bookkeeper or in-house accounting staff?*
2.     Are your monthly books done in a timely manner?*
3.     Do you want more confidence in the reliability and accuracy of your financial reporting?*
4.     Are using a software to pay your bills?*
5.     Would you like to meet more often with your accountant to discuss profit and cash flow strategies?*
6.     Do you struggle with consistent cash flow?*
7.     Are you thinking of expanding your business?*
8.  Do you struggle obtaining proper financing from your bank?*
9.  Do you want tax minimization strategies?*
10.     Do you need help creating a budget for your business(s)?*
11.     Would you like to have strategic planning meetings?*
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