Quiz: What Level of Outsourced Accounting Do You Need?


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Answer the question below and find out what Level of Outsourced Accounting do you need

If you were thirsty and needed something to drink, you:

A. Grab something from the vending machine at the office and get back to work.
B. Walk to Starbucks because you wanted to check out a new space that is up for Lease down the street.
C. Make a reservation at a restaurant and arrange a networking meeting with someone so you can talk business.

When you are planning a vacation, you:

A. Don’t have time for vacations.
B. Go on weekend excursions.
C. Plan a 3-week trip through Europe.

When you have a new idea for your business, you:

A. Write it down and save it for when you have more time.
B. Talk with some people and get some feedback.
C. Get started on making it happen right away.

When you are have a tricky project come up, you:

A. Rather do it yourself.
B. Work with someone to figure it out.
C. Hire an outsourced expert.


You might have guessed by the questions that this quiz isn’t scientific and can’t REALLY evaluate your current level of need without first talking with you, but it IS a fun way for us to break the ice and learn a bit about how you approach your business.

If you have mostly A’s, you are probably like Barnabee who needs a Bookkeeper.

(A) Barnabee Bookkeeper – Barnabee is trying to keep up with his accounting. He’s engulfed in the day-to-day tasks of the business and needs some support to give some breathing room.

If you have mostly B’s, you are probably like Chrystal who needs a Controller.

(B) Chrystal Controller – Chrystal wants to move her business forward, but isn’t sure on the next step. She needs help understanding more about her business in order to make the appropriate decisions.

If you have mostly C’s, you are probably like Simon who needs a CFO.

(C) Simon CFO – Simon is always looking towards the future and beyond – planning for future opportunities. He is confident that he can afford to move forward. He has his business handled, but wants someone to collaborate with on how to go bigger and beyond.