6 Actions to Increase Your Business Cash Flow

Cash is the crux of a business, so the ability to increase your cash flow is critical, especially in times where it can fluctuate widely from day to day.

But how do you do that? It’s not as simple as increasing revenue while decreasing expenses. Understanding things like what bills to pay first, how much cash to hold up in inventory, and how quickly you invoice customers all impact how much cash you have.

In the upcoming webinar, LSL Partner, Adam Odom, CPA will provide you with 6 actions you can take now to help increase your cash flow.

Adam will also address:

  • Understanding your cash flow cycles and how that impacts your business.
  • Using lines of credit to increase your cash flow.
  • Putting together a cash flow projection that helps you with future decision making.
  • Using cash to grow your business.He will also take questions through our live Q & A chat.

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