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Maybe you’ve noticed that many of our webinars aren’t about tax and accounting issues. That’s because the issues impacting you and your business cover a wide variety of areas. While we can’t directly solve every issue you face, we know the right people who can. We connect you with the professionals and ideas that address what is relevant to you.

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FOR GOVERNMENTS: Using Your ERP System to Help Relieve Staffing Challenges

Tuesday, December 13, 2022 | 1:00 PM PST

Earn 1 CPE Credit

The thought of utilizing your current ERP – or even implementing a new one – can be daunting, but the rewards to your department and staff are worth it: your people will be happier, their jobs will be easier, and more work will get done.

Whether it’s being able to get more out of your current system, or you’re looking for a new one to implement, LSL partner Kelly Telford, CPA will show you how to use technology as a solution to reduce the burden on your staff. She’ll cover:

Maximizing your current ERP software: Let the software do the work for you

  • Daily to-dos that can significantly reduce the pile of tasks at the end-of-month crunch
  • Taking advantage of paperless solutions now solve lots of future headaches
  • Getting fixed assets and monthly reconciliations out of excel and into your ERP

Getting a new software (when your current software just isn’t cutting it anymore)

  • How new software can do more, so your team can do less
  • Key questions & considerations to consider when going to market
  • Keeping your team in mind and how new solutions will help them

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