Pit Box Talk


Advisory content designed for you to grab and go

Just like a professional race car driver has a pit box he can pull into for for quick strategy and input, our ‘Pix Box Talk’ offers business owners insightful tips from our team of CPAs & specialists on the latest trends to help your business continue to grow and thrive.

Monthly Advisory Tips

April 2021

LSL Partner Adam Odom, CPA shows how to increase your business cash flow by extending your days in accounts payable.

Cash Flow & Accounts Payable Relationship

April 2021

Accounting Services Specialist Candy Mako gives a simplified view of the Profit & Loss Statement and Balance sheet, and key points on how to use this information to make informed business decisions.

Finance Reports Simplified: How to build them. How to read them.

March 2021

What are your top 5 Expenses? Are they in alignment with your core values?

Do you know your top 5 expenses? Are you spending money on the right things? Should you spend money on other areas to get a better return on your investment?

Take a few minutes, monthly, quarterly, and yearly to review this aspect of your business. You may be surprised at what you discover. A quick review like this one, with financial reporting tools, provides insight to your business spending decisions and help you align your core values with your company’s vision.