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Maybe you’ve noticed that many of our webinars aren’t about tax and accounting issues. That’s because the issues impacting you and your business cover a wide variety of areas. While we can’t directly solve every issue you face, we know the right people who can. We connect you with the professionals and ideas that address what is relevant to you.

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M & A Year-End Outlook and Activity for 2023

Tuesday, December 6th, 2022 | 10:00 AM PST

2022 has turned out to be a mixed year for completed transaction value and overall volume of business sale transactions. Interest rate and inflation increases have created both challenges and opportunities for business sellers and buyers. How has this activity impacted business valuation metrics and marketability for a company like yours? Knowing current market conditions can prove to be pivotal in developing your exit strategy.

We’ve asked Robert Fahrenhorst and Brandon Lanza at Plethora Businesses, to join LSL Partner, Pamela Bustos, MST, CPA, to discuss current M&A trends that can impact deal activity in 2023. If you have been contemplating an exit within the next couple of years, this webinar may be for you.

They will discuss:

  • How inflation and interest rate movement is impacting company values
  • Industries that are currently in favor and most attractive to acquirers
  • Current trends in the M&A process (cyber & ESG diligence, seller tail policies, and more)
  • Opportunities to limit your post business sale liabilities and maximize up-front payment
  • Trends affecting business sale structuring, including the lending market
  • Getting the best value for your company if selling in 2023
  • Effective tax planning in preparation for an M&A transaction

We’ll also take questions through our live Q & A chat.

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