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Running a finance department means juggling ongoing challenges:


Getting the most out of Caseware


Financial Reporting is a Huge Hassle


Your Accounting System Needs Some Work


Your Finance Department Processes Could Operate More Smoothly


Need to Go Virtual & Paperless


Need Training & CPE

Our Solutions


We love helping finance departments thrive!

Tap into our team of industry & product experts for your full service consulting, staffing, and financial report automation solutions. We’re committed to providing the guidance, tools, and services that foster lifelong success for your finance team.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Stop administrative and regulatory tasks from piling up with RPA.

Ever heard of “Robotic Process Automation”? It’s like enlisting a digital sidekick (what we like to call a ‘bot) to handle repetitive tasks, freeing up your team to exercise their human brilliance rather than being stuck in a mechanical grind. This digital buddy works tirelessly and flawlessly, managing a queue of automated tasks without ever needing a sick day or vacation. Picture it as the ultimate department assistant, sparing everyone from a handful of routine tasks—think of it as the intern of the future, minus the coffee runs unless your coffee order is online-accessible!

Watch our automation demos.

Explore how RPA transforms operational efficiency, allowing personnel to focus on critical decision-making.

Witness real-world applications and the potential for increased transparency in public financial processes through RPA.

Automation Demos

Training & CPE

Just need training and CPE?

We’ve got training for Caseware Essentials, GASB/Budget Essentials, Tips & Tricks, and other topics.

Whether you need CPE, have new staff, or want to learn new best practices, we can help. All of our Implementation includes training as well. We don’t believe in turning you loose without it.

We’ll also put together custom event with content tailored to you and your team!

Your accounting system needs some work.

Behind on data entry, bank reconciliations, etc.? Want to streamline processes and automate but not sure where to start?

We’ll analyze your processes to see what’s working well and where you can make improvements. We’ll also provide the right software solutions and custom automated reports to get and keep your finance department running at optimal performance.

And, if you just need someone to clean up the data and provide best practices moving forward, we can do that too.

Accounting System Analysis & Support

ERP & Software Solutions

Go virtual & paperless with customized software solutions.

Whether you have a current software that you need customized or are looking to implement a new solution, we’ll assess where you are at now and where you want to go and select the right solutions for you.

We’ll implement the software, train your team, and offer ongoing support so you’re the master of the data.

Fully automate your audit preparation.

Caseware’s Audit and Reporting software enables full-automation of audit preparation, financial statement preparation, and financial reporting including Financial Statements, Component Units, Enterprise Funds and Special Purpose Districts.

Caseware’s power is enormous, and we can help you harness it. We know the ins & outs of Caseware and can help you utilize all of it’s power for reports that make your job easier.

We offer: support, training, customization, product selection, SDK programming, automation, and updating/upgrading on all things Caseware.



Expert services for finance, accounting, tech, and software.

We offer support along with our implementation as well as a stand-alone service for select solutions.

We also have a central ‘Help Desk’ that assists you with software/add-on selection, process customization, and training.

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