Instructional Delivery Methods


Identifying Delivery Methods


We are very proud of the fact that we have gone above and beyond the requirements for our instructional delivery methods.


Open Registration

If you intend to join one of our Open Registration Programs, these are delivered in accordance with NASBA’s guidelines for a “Group Internet Based” delivery. We are very proud of the fact that we have gone above and beyond the requirements for this delivery method and provide an extremely interactive environment. Attendees will be interacting with an instructor in real-time. We use hands-on activities and discussions to ensure the highest quality of web-based instructions. Attendees can ask for assistance from the instructor or moderator at any time via voice or chat, as well as interacting with fellow attendees.


If you intend to engage us in a Custom-Web-based Program, we can elevate the quality of facilitation and provide a truly web-based “Group-Live” delivery method in accordance with NASBA’s guidelines.


If we are physically in the same room as you and leading an On-Site program, then you are receiving training via a truly “Group-Live” delivery method in accordance with NASBA’s guidelines.

More About ``Group-Live``...

This method refers to a live, instructor-directed environment. Though the instructor may not be the live facilitator, they will be in control of the pace and delivery of content. The instructor will pause for feedback and seek out confirmation of student participation. The in-room facilitator (if not the instructor) will notify course moderators or instructors of any issues and will take responsibility for the physical observation of participation.

Using our training software, training instructors and moderators can see when an attendee is focused on the material or if they are not looking at the screen. Moderators can view attendee’s screens to assist them with questions and to confirm completion of an activity (as part of the practice sets). Most of the course content is cumulative and so participation is mandatory for comprehension.

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