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Candy’s Tip

QuickBooks Online Benefit: Invite Your Accountant as a User

Did you know you can invite your accountant as a user at no additional charge with your QuickBooks online service? 

This is a great way for your accountant or CPA to have real time access to your books. Here’s how to invite them to your company:

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner and select ‘Manage Users’.
  2. Go to the ‘Accounting firms’ tab.
  3. Enter the accountant’s email address and click the ‘Invite’ button.

They’ll receive an email invitation with instructions on how to accept it. Plus, no additional charge for them either!


Candy’s Tip

Using QuickBooks to Keep Track of the Details of Asset Purchases

An easy and quick way to track of any significant purchases is to attach a copy of the invoice to the transaction in QuickBooks.

In your transaction window (check, expense, credit card, or bill), click on the paper clip icon or drag and drop the pdf.

NOTE: Cut and paste the details from the invoice on the memo line as a quick reminder of the purchases.


Valerie’s Tip

How Warning Boxes in QuickBooks Online or Desktop Impact Your Books

When working in QB (desktop or online), and you see a warning box come up when processing/changing/voiding/deleting transactions, please read and make sure you fully understand the impact on your books.

Although you may be correcting something and it looks good, there is also an impact on your books that you do not see.

A lot of times this will impact your bank account. When you go to reconcile you will get a warning that you are not ready to reconcile.

Once you get this message, you will need to correct the items that you changed/voided/deleted in your process of making corrections.

If you don’t understand what the warning is, please contact your LSL CPA’s contact and have them help you through the process, so we can avoid any of your accounts being out of balance.


Charlene’s Tip

Team up with your Accountant with QuickBooks Online

Did you know you can give your accountant access to your QuickBooks Online company file? This will allow them to review your books and help you with any tricky or confusing transactions, as well as make tax filing time much easier. Interested? We can help walk you through the process of adding one of our accountants to your QuickBooks Online.


Candy’s Tip

Contractors Can Sign W-9’s Electronically in QuickBooks Online

QBO has a feature you can invite contractors to fill out their W-9 and sign them electronically, securely inside their Intuit account.

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