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Candy’s Tip

Use your phone as a document tracker:

It is important to keep track of all receipts. It is amazing in our high-tech digital world there is still paper documents. We need to have those documents available especially for large purchases. Getting all receipts digitize can save a lot of time.

Our smart phone has changed our lives. Use that pocket computer to your advantage.

Quick Tip:

Use your phone to take pictures of receipts and checks and any document you think you or your accountant might need as backup and email them to yourself or your bookkeeper.

QuickBooks Online Tip:

Use the QuickBooks mobile app and it automatically uploads the data from your receipt and stores your receipt

Pro Tip: use a mobile app for receipt tracking that automatically https://www.receipt-bank.com/us/


Candy’s Tip

Using QuickBooks to store your documents:

If you are digitizing those receipts and other source documents, another place to file them is right in QuickBooks. Whether you are entering or downloading your bank and credit card transactions or creating an invoice each transaction window has an attachment icon button.

Quick Tip:

Keep all receipts and documents in digital format. Request documents to be email for a quick digital copy. Otherwise scan or take a picture as soon as possible. Attach the receipt to a bill, invoice, or check as back up for the purchases.

QuickBooks Tip:

Click on the attachment paper clip icon or drag and drop the receipt or document.

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