SECURE Act 2.0 is Here: What Retirement Plan Sponsors Must Do, What They May Do, and When They Need to Do It

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 10:00 AM PST

Washington recently passed into law more than 90 new plan provisions that will affect almost all private sector 401k plans with varying effective dates, ranging from immediately to 10 years from now. How will these changes impact retirement plans, plan sponsors and your plan participants, now and in the future?

We’ve asked Bradford Campbell, former Asst. Secretary of Labor for Employee Benefits & Head of Employee Benefits Security Administration, to join LSL partner, Maria Arriola, CPA, to share their insights on these MANDATORY & OPTIONAL legislative changes.  They will discuss:

  • Roth! Roth? Roth!?: Changes to RMDs and Mandatory ROTH treatments – what is changing for employer contributions for retirement plans
  • New Plan Limits: New IRS contribution limits, tax deductions for new plans, and treatment of high compensation individuals
  • Student Loans in Retirement Plans: How to incorporate the new student loan provision into your retirement plan
  • In-plan Emergency Savings: Understanding limits and how to work with your record keeper to incorporate this new provision

They will also take questions through our live Q & A chat.

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