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Wednesday, February 15: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm PST

Thursday, February 16: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm PST

$695 per person | Earn 12 CPE credits

It is an Open Registration Program, with professionals from other organizations through Zoom Webinars format.

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Syllabus | Caseware Working Papers - Governmental


Our Working Papers Fundamentals Training covers just about all you need to know for managing the Working Papers Software for use with your GASB Template.

We heartily recommend it if you are looking for a refresher course while preparing for year-end and it is essential training for any new employee or team member. This training includes how to use the document manager, import data, creating journal entries, reviewing balances and consolidation trees. This is what you need to manage the core of your Caseware files.

Learning Objectives

This course will prepare users of Caseware International’s Working Papers Software to operate within a GASB reporting workflow. This means becoming familiar with the navigation and features of the software in general, as well as best practices from a professional and technical standpoint. Attendees will get the chance to practice a variety of standard processes and see, first hand, unique GASB applications. They will gain insight into managing and working within a controlled workflow.

After completing this program, attendees will be proficient in the following software elements:

  • Opening New Working Papers Files
  • Create and Work in Synchronized Copies
  • Working Papers Interface
  • Engagement Properties
  • Custom Balances and the Working Trial Balance
  • Adjusting Journal Entries
  • Document Properties and Reports
  • Annotations and Commentary
  • Assign Groupings
  • Document Tags
  • SmartSync Conflicts and Copy Management
  • Document Management
  • Issues
  • History
  • Document Creation: Web, PDF, and Excel
  • Fund Tree
  • Repair File
  • Year-End Close
  • Importing Data
Instructional Delivery Method

“Group Internet Based” – provided in accordance with NASBA’s Guidelines.

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CPE Credits

12 CPE Hours in Specialized Knowledge-Technical in accordance with NASBA 50-minute hours in order to accommodate mandatory breaks during the training session. In order to receive CPE, individual attendees must meet certain attendance and participation requirements.

How do I get my CPE?

Recommended Prerequisites

For optimum success in any of our programs, we recommend basic computer literacy as defined by the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) or equivalent proficiency. Registrants will be expected to have these skills and if they do not experience success during the course delivery due to a lack in this knowledge area, the attendee risks losing refund and course completion eligibility.

Additional proficiency should include:

  • Microsoft Excel (familiar with data entry, formulas, common file types, etc)
  • Microsoft Word (familiar with word processing, common file types, and style Sheets)
  • Basic Accountancy/ Bookkeeping
  • For best learning – Governmental and True Fund Accounting
  • Internet browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer
  • Basic Digital Document Management Principles
Caseware Software Proficiency

As this is the most basic Caseware course, No Software Proficiency is Required, but attendees are encouraged to go over Caseware’s “Getting Started Guide” before attending.

Program Difficulty


In accordance with our Content Development Policies

Required Advanced Preparation


Please review the following before your training:

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