Advanced Preparation for a Training Session


It is the responsibly of the Attendee to make sure that all the following advanced preparation has been performed before the start date of the training session.



During the training, attendees will need to have install rights and C-drive access. Attendees will need to have the bandwidth to be able to run the software being trained and to download large files during the training if necessary. This means internet access and access to email during the training are also imperative.


Our software-specific training will require attendees to have the subject-software installed and licensed on their pc workstation that will be used during the training. Trial and demo licenses are sufficient but may lack some trainable features. All of our software vendors offer demo versions for training purposes and you can contact them for further assistance; however, our support desk is always happy to help as well.


Though these will be provided by the trainer, the attendee is responsible for ensuring delivery and receipt of these materials before the course start date.

Practice Sets:

All courses will require the attendees to have a pdf file of the PRACTICE SETS accessible during the training session. It is the attendee’s choice to have these printed or use them digitally.

Sample Files:

Software specific courses will require certain sample files to be downloaded before and during the training.

On-Site Training Location Information:

When booking your training, please call us at (936) 828-4587 to share the following information before your training:

  • Exact Location of the training, including building and room numbers
  • Emergency Contact information in case of before/after-hours communication
  • Any Parking area regulations or recommendations
  • Any building security steps that must be taken
  • Who will be the on-site training facilitator for your team
  • The number of attendees
  • The training environment

Web-Based Training:

When the training is being performed in our online, group-live or Group-Internet-Based environment, it is the attendee’s responsibility to ensure their pc workstations are compatible with our training platform. Please communicate with the trainer in advance to confirm the training platform.

We look forward to providing you the training you may need.

For more information (including the cancellation policy), you can look at our Administrative Policies

or ask to speak to our training coordinator at (936) 828-4587.

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