If you’re looking for a better way to get control of your many “To-Do” lists—or LARGE projects—you might want to look at the TODOIST app, which you can find on TODOIST.com.

This article will focus on the benefits of this app for busy business owners, controllers, CFOs, and their teams. We plan to tell you WHAT TODOIST is, what it DOES, WHO it’s for, HOW it works, and WHY we like it.

What is TODOIST?

TODOIST is an app (application) in the task management software family designed to effectively organize tasks and lead people to be the best versions of themselves at work, in school, and at home.

The TODOIST application is an interactive to-do list. But a good one. A 2021 comparison of TODOIST and TRELLO by technology writer Andrew Green gave both apps very high marks. He also mentions that TODOIST has “…won both the Editor’s Choice in the Google Play Store, and is used by NASA, [so] you know it’s a useful tool.”

What does it do?

  • Surfaces the priority tasks at the right times so you and your team can always know what to focus on next.
  • Shares the workload and the to-dos by:
    • Allowing managers and team members to divide and conquer
    • Assigning the lists to others
    • Following up on assignments/tasks/to-dos
  • Imports your emails into the app
  • Builds tasks/to-do lists around itself.
  • Schedules assignments inside and outside of the user’s the software.

Who is it for?

  • We’ve seen this application work for business owners, controllers, CFOs, CEOs, CTOS, and any employee who has multiple tasks and projects to manage.
  • Business teams can use TODOIST to communicate among themselves and —through the magic of the software’s integration features—connect to hundreds of other apps through IFTTT (If This Then That).
  • When using IFTTT and intelligent automation, TODOIST will connect two or more apps or devices to free users from repetitive (mind-numbing) tasks that take time from the higher level, innovative tasks that make dents in the Universe.
  • Students, creatives, families, moms and dads, and kids can securely integrate with a business owner, a CEO, or anyone in the company through 200 different channels, including Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Fitbit, and more…in 19 different languages.

How it works

Team tasks are organized in one place. The team can share files and discuss details within the app and share them with other platforms (PC to mobile phone to tablet to watch, etc.) through “real-time” synchronization. Templates help set up the interface professionally, and activity logs, labels, and filters support transparency and communication. Once a project is created, people (managers and team members) may need to add tasks and due dates and stitch it together with departmental or individual responsibilities.

The program is powerful and flexible. Emails can be brought in from outside the app, the threads centralized and tasks dispersed, the project status updated instantaneously and seamlessly, and the entire workflow moved forward with little need for in-person meetings. What a time saver!

Why we like it

You might be a Microsoft TO DO, Trello, or Asana user. Evernote Teams has comparable features. Everyone has a preference, but we think TODOIST has a very easy-to-learn interface with adaptable personalization such as Boards, Labels, Filters, and “Themes.” (Note: Themes come with the paid version.) While price is not a deal breaker, the two different levels of paid plans (versus a free trial version) are comparable to other applications of this kind at this time.

What else? TODOIST has a fun and unique (so far it’s the only app) feature: its built-in reward system, “Karma,” which lets you earn points by adding tasks, completing the number of in-app touchpoints you’ve set as a goal for you and/or your team, and publishing days-in-a-row streaks for staying in the app. It’s great for people who respond to competitive reward systems. It’s like “Duolingo” (the language learning platform) meets Getting Things Done (GTD)—a David Alan book and productivity training platform that TODOIST links in-app to some of his excellent goal-setting content.


There are many well designed applications in the category, but for ease of use and a built-in beginners guide, TODOIST gets the edge over Trello, for instance. And GetApp compares Microsoft’s TO DO, Asana, and Monday.com with TODOIST. There is more. We think TODOIST is robust yet intuitive, allowing users to type in parts of words to streamline adding tasks or appointments and deadlines. Trello, they say, is for bigger companies with more users.

Our final words are: If you are not using a task-management software program, we would recommend taking a moment to research a few of the top-rated options. They are all good, and one may be better for your organization’s size, industry, business culture, or communication style. Most have some form of free trial to let you take them for a test run before purchasing.

If you have any questions on this topic, we’d be delighted to chat with you about it. Maybe put it on your to-do list, and give us a call or contact us here!

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