A thoughtfully planned and executed estate plan can offer significant tax and financial benefits and assure the orderly disposition of assets from one generation to the next.

The professionals at LSL will examine all aspects of your financial portfolio including securities, real estate, life insurance, cash and other assets and create a plan to protect your personal wealth from unnecessary estate taxation.

We believe in a team approach and will work with your attorney and investment advisor to structure an estate plan to meet your goals. To insure that everyone is on board we recommend subsequent meetings with your beneficiaries to avoid future conflicts. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Service that we are going to offer

  • Estate tax returns (Form 706)
  • Fiduciary (estates and trust) income tax returns (Form 1041)
  • Gift tax returns (Form 709)
  • Fiduciary and probate accounting
  • Consulting services
    • Estate and gift planning
    • Review of current wills, trusts and other estate documents
    • Irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) planning
    • Charitable giving planning through trusts
    • Qualified personal residence trust planning
    • Education planning through gifting
    • Generation skipping transfer trust allocations
    • Post death asset allocations to survivors, credit shelter and other trusts
    • Surviving spouse portability planning

If you need Estate & Trust Planning services, feel free to contact Sherry L. Radmore!